Make Google Chrome Faster With Secret Setting

Make Google Chrome Faster With Secret Setting.

Google chrome allows you to use unofficial browser features called “flags” while they are being tested or are generally unstable. These features are strictly experimental and may break or disappear at any time. In other words, take advantage of them while you can.
You cannot access these secret settings from menu. To access these settings enter (chrome://flags) without brackets into your address bar. Hit the Enter key, and you can see the hidden settings of google chrome.
Now here are secret hacks which will make Google Chrome fast on your computer.
Use ctrl+f to find the respective settings and change them accordingly as listed below.
Here are 10 settings you can change to get faster chrome.
1: Set “Maximum Tiles” to 512
2: Change the Number of “Raster Threads” to 4
3: Enable Offline Cache Mode
4: Enable Touch Events
5: Enable SPDY/4
6: Enable Experimental Canvas Features
7: Enable Experimental Websocket Implementation
8: Enable Accelerated Overflow Scroll
9: Enable Checking for Conflicts with 3rd Parties
10: Enable Fast Tab/Window Close.
After changing all these settings, restart the chrome browser and enjoy.
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