Install “Pokémon Go” In Any Countries

Install “Pokémon Go” In Any Countries

No APK Please!

But why? well, APKs are not safe. APKs come with backdoors and malwares. We always won’t recommend you to use APKs from third party sites no matter how popular they are. Recently it was discovered that Pokémon Go APKs contained remote access tool which lets hackers get access to your phone. So, it’s a strict NO to APKs.

Pokémons taking over the World

The world is witnessing a dramatic rise of Pokémons, they are on the roads, gardens, gyms, lakes and everywhere. And people are out there in the wild, with their highly sophisticated devices that can detect and cage these invisible little creatures before they take over the world. Well, that’s what happening right now.

Let’s come to reality. Since the launch of the Augmented Reality game, many millions of people are flocking to join the hunters club. But unfortunately not all people get the club entry as Niantic Labs, the the creators of Pokemon Go has released the game only in few countries like US, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to this limited launch, the company has paused worldwide release as servers couldn’t handle the load. There is no word on when Pokémon GO will be launched in other countries yet.

But don’t fret yet, there is a workaround. Just go ahead and follow this guide, install Pokémon Go directly from PlayStore and start hunting.

Before and after the Workaround

  • Step 1:Install TunnelBear VPN [Free] from Google PlayStore

We need a VPN for bypassing country restrictions, it’s not that you have to use only TunnelBear VPN. You can use any VPN app of your choice.

  • Step 2: Open TunnelBear VPN, then sign in (or create new account)

Once signed in, make sure “United States” is selected in the countries list and then turn on the VPN connect switch

Now all data traffic will be routed through TunnelBear VPN and you will be privately browsing from “United States”

  • Step 3: Clear data of Google PlayStore App

Close Google Play store if it is open, and go to Settings > Apps (or Application Manager) > Google Play Store and click “Clear Data

  • Step 5: Open Google PlayStore and Install Pokémon Go

Now open PlayStore, accept the agreement, now either you can search for Pokémon Go app or click this Pokémon Go PlayStore link.

Now you can notice that the “Install” button is available instead of the message “This item is not available in your country”, Done.

  • Step 6: Skip Payment

When you click on “Install”, you may be taken to payments screen just select "Skip Payment"


  • Step 7: Start Playing

If you still don’t find the Install button

If you still don’t find the install button, switch to another PlayStore account (or create a new one), that should do the trick

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