How To Make A Wifi Hotspot Without Wifi Modem

In this post I am going to tell you how to make Wifi Hotspot without Wifi modem. You can use wifi on your mobile or tablet if you do not have wifi modem or you are using internet on computer or laptop only.

If you are using evo (not wingle one) or you are using simple internet on your computer through a LAN cable or you are using internet without wifi modem, and you want to use internet on mobile, you can use wifi on your mobile with this simple trick.

Here are the steps to use wife on your mobile.
  1. Download this software MyPublicWifi and install.
  2. Connect your internet on Evo or LAN cable.
  3. Now configure MyPublicWifi software as shown in below image. You can change the wifi password. Make sure the check box “Enable Internet Sharing” is checked. And select your internet connection which you want to use with your Wifi.

4.Click on Set Up And Start Hotspot, and you will be able to connect your mobile or any other device with this wifi.

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